Heather Peace: ‘i Want To Be The First Female Doctor Who’

Heather Peace

Time travelling is so for me.” Peace grew up in Bradford, and says she knew which career path she wanted to take from a young age. Peace studied drama in Manchester where she also held a jazz residency Encouraged by her parents, she headed over the Pennines at 17 to study drama in Manchester before moving back when she won the role of Anne Cullen in Emmerdale. Taking risks Numerous theatre and TV credits followed, including The Chase, Blue Murder and Holby City, and Peace says she chose to play police officer Sam Murray in Lip Service over a part in a primetime soap opera. “I had a job and it was between taking that on or taking Lip Service and I chose Lip Service,” she says. “That was a key turning point in my career. “It was a shorter job than the one on the soap and it was a risk but I just thought, how would I feel if it was brilliant and I wasn’t in it and I was in the other job? “If it was going to be brilliant I knew as a gay woman that if I turned it down I’d be mortified because I’d watch it.” But do not think she is just there to tick another equality box, Peace has never hidden the fact she is openly gay, and admits at times it has been difficult and has shunned interviews when she was starting out in the industry to avoid the subject being brought up. I didn’t do any personal interviews, but I was never in the closet End Quote Heather Peace “I didn’t do any personal interviews, but I was never in the closet,” she says. “I was out to my friends and family and everybody in the industry but I didn’t want to get in a taxi cab and the guy driving know, so I just didn’t talk about it. “I was playing piano and singing and acting before I kissed a girl. People see it as something that defines you but straight doesn’t always define someone. “But if someone is personally hideous to me I can literally have sleepless nights.

killer deal http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-23880292

Doctor sentenced to two years in prison for fraud

By Dareh Gregorian / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, September 5, 2013, 12:02 AM Comment Bryan Smith/for New York Daily News US Attorney Preet Bharara and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly announce charges against 36 defendants, including ten doctors and three attorneys, allegedly involved in a systematic scheme to defraud private insurance companies of more than $275 million under New York’s no-fault insurance law. An alcoholic doctor will have two years to dry out behind bars. Dr. Sergey Gabinsky was sentenced to 24 months in prison and ordered to pay $2 million in restitution for his role in a massive insurance fraud ring. Gabinsky, 56, of Brooklyn, pleaded guilty earlier this year, admitting hed essentially rented out his medical license to insurance scammers. Google Maps Office of Dr. Sergey Gabinsky in Brooklyn. His lawyer, Michael Farkas, said his client was struggling with alcoholism and financial problems at the time, but didnt want to make excuses because he was accepting responsibility for his actions like a man. Id like to apologize for my awful behavior, Gabinsky told Judge J. Paul Oetken. Gabinsky was among 36 people accused of cheating insurance companies out of medical benefits using the states no-fault automobile insurance law. The judge ordered him to get alcohol treatment while serving his sentence.

breaking news http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/doctor-years-fraud-article-1.1446378


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