Monthly Archives: October 2013

Physician Specialists Getting In On Medical Marketing

A meeting like this may be the reason your primary care doctor recommends the next specialist you see. Alexander spends most days visiting different physician’s offices, armed with brochures touting the qualifications of the doctors in her orthopedic group. “The things that I can do really help my specialists shine to other primary care physicians […]

Bbc To Reveal A Number Of Missing Doctor Who Episodes

BBC Worldwide is expected to confirm the find at a press screening in London later this week. It follows weeks of speculation that some lost episodes had been located. A total of 106 episodes featuring the first two actors to play the Doctor, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, are currently missing. The BBC destroyed many […]

Australia Needs More Doctors — But Does It Need More Medical Schools?

We cope by importing doctors from other counties. In fact, Australia has been the highest per capita importer in the world of foreign-trained doctors. Politicians have tried for many years to help. First increasing the output of doctors, but then realising that under fee for service, more doctors means more costs for Medicare. So medical […]

Physicians Call For Aged Care Budget 2012

The RACP says Australias current health and aged care system is ill-equipped to cope with the increasing demands of an ageing population, and reform is urgently needed. According to RACP President, Professor John Kolbe, theAustralian Government must ensure that aged care reforms are integrated with national health reforms to deliver more seamless and coordinated health […]