Canadian Doctors Say Fee Cuts, Pay Inequalities Will Spur Exodus


Diagnostic radiology: Fee for interpreting results cut 5%, for $30-million saving. Cataract surgery: Fee cut by 10% because of time saving in new technology, saving $6.4-million. CT, MRI scans for chronic low-back pain: Service removed, except where province says medically justified, cutting $10-million. OCT test for eye disease: Fee cut from $63 to $25; service limited to four times a year from six, saving $18-million. Echocardiograms: Heart scans before non-cardiac surgery cut, saving $20-million. Self-referring diagnostic service: Fees for diagnostic tests where doctor both orders service and provides it cut by half, saving $44-million. After-hours surgery: Premium for operations done between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. cut to 40% from 50%, saving $13-million. Minimally invasive surgery: Premium for key-hole operations cut to 10% from 25%, saving $1-million. This is by no means the first time doctors and provincial governments have been at loggerheads over how much the profession earns.

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Canada Doctor Killed Doing BASE Jump in Grand Canyon

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Mr Stather was able to execute a jump successfully earlier on the same day along with two other friends. He used a jump suit for the successful jump. However, he was apparently not satisfied with just one jump. He told his friends that he would like to do a second jump. Det Pat Barr from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona informed that he had been killed in his second attempt, CBC reported. The couple of friends stayed back at the bottom to keep a watch on the 41-year-old doctor. However, they could not see him jump for a long time. It was then that they decided to go to the top and find out what might have happened. However, when they went up, they could not find him either. There was no trace of him at the top where the cars had been parked. It was late on Friday night when police arrived at the location.

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Are Canadian Doctors Ignoring Patients to Protect Big Oil?

121 get causes updates Imagine this: you get sick after eating at a local restaurant. You go to the doctor for help, but after learning the circumstances that led to your illness, the doctor refuses to offer a diagnosis or treatment advice. When pressed for an explanation, the doctor says he doesnt want to tarnish the restaurants reputation. Most of us would consider that scenario outrageous and a complete violation of a doctors sworn duty, but its happening and on a much more life-threatening scale in Canada. According to areport prepared by Dr. Margaret Sears , an Ottawa-based PhD who specializes in toxicology and public health, doctors have refused to care for local residents who complain that emissions from local tar sands operations are making them sick. In 2011, Baytex Energy, a company that cooks tar sandsbitumen in above-ground tanks to extract oil, purchased almost four dozen oil wells in the Alberta area.According to, thats about the time local residents started complaining about serious symptoms, such as severe headaches, dizziness, sinus problems, vomiting, muscle spasms and fatigue, amongst others. When visiting their local doctors, residents often correlated the symptoms with thepowerful, gassy smells coming from the Baytex operation, a dangerous association that seems to have spooked the medical community. In the report, co-authored by Sears,researchers note that, Physician care was refused and that analytical services were refused by an Alberta laboratory when told that the proposed analysis was to investigate exposure to emissions related to bitumen extraction. Sears concludes that doctors reluctance stems from a lack of information about environmental health but also from a troubling history of perceived retribution for speaking out against oil developments in Canada, reports Al Jazeera . Tar sands and fracking are the hot button issues for the fossil fuel industry right now, but one cant deny that weve seen a similar situation play out before with coal and were still paying the penalties of inaction. Thanks to decades of allowing coal miners and coal-fired power plants to operate with little accountability for pollution, thousands of Americans have suffered negative health effects. In a 2010 report titled The Toll of Coal [PDF], the Clean Air Task Force linked power plant pollution to 13,200 premature deaths that year. It also estimated that coal pollution contributes to9,700 hospitalizations and more than 20,000 heart attacks per year. In 2011, a Harvard Medical School study foundhealth costs due to air pollution from coal power plants total around $187 billion per year , and thats not even including the intangible cost of what coal waste is doing to the nations drinking water .

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