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Secret Of Bowel Movement Unearthed

However, some of the ways the human body works are still a mystery. Now, gastroenterology scientist Jan Huizinga and a group of McMaster researchers have cleared up one aspect of how the bowels move that had mystified scientists until now. There is a pacemaker in the gut that helps move things along, just like in […]

Novogi(tm) Announces Purchase Of Ip And Collaboration With Leading Gastroenterologist Dr. Christopher Paul Swain

Gastroenterology experts call for 24-hour service in all UK hospitals Christopher Paul Swain Innovative Bariatric Compression Procedure to be Jointly Developed June 14, 2012 09:39 | Source: novoGI Inc. ATLANTA, June 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — novoGI Inc. today announced that it has purchased IP and signed a collaboration agreement with Dr. C.P. Swain for […]

Ny Family Plans Ariz. Move To Treat Infant With Medical Marijuana

According to ABC News affiliate WKBW-TV in Buffalo, N.Y., Joey Wertman has a form of infant epilepsy which can result in hundreds of spasms a day. Joeys parents, Brittany and Joe Wertman, have tried multiple medications for the infant to slow or stop his seizures but nothing has worked. According to WKBW-TV, as a last […]

The Canadian Breast Screening Study Attacked: Why Do Doctors Have Such A Hard Time With The Concept Of Overdiagnosis?

Canadian doctors say fee cuts, pay inequalities will spur exodus The reason is that it gave me time to cogitate and wait for reactions, which is always more fun. Mammograms dont save lives, quoth the BMJ (and everyone covering the study)! After my obligatory navel-gazing explanatory introduction that infuriates some and entertains others, lets jump […]

Wait Times For Patients Who Need Gastroenterology Care Are Getting Longer

EndoChoice Announces Health Canada License for Fuse Endoscopy System in Canada Through its latest Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Survey of Access to GastroEnterology (SAGE) completed this April, results reveal a worrisome trend of longer wait times. Data was gathered from nearly 200 participating gastroenterologists who submitted information on approximately 2,000 patient interactions within the health […]

Saudi Health Care Specialists Participate In Dubai Forum

More specialists question safety of testosterone therapy for older men Wen-Ta Chiu, minister of health and welfare in Taiwan who came with a delegation consisting of more than 40 officials and specialists from the medical sector and government of Taiwan, said that Dubai has seen tremendous growth in all areas of health care over the […]

Terminally Sick Children Have Been Secretly Given Deadly Overdoses By British Doctors In Illegal Mercy Killings, Claims Retired Gp

UK Doctors and Nurses to Face Jail for Negligence He told the Mirror : ‘I will look into the instances and into whether the law has been broken, and whether the law has been followed in an appropriate way.’ Pensioner admits murdering her terminally ill 82-year-old husband of 50 years who had leukaemia… as part […]