Terminally Sick Children Have Been Secretly Given Deadly Overdoses By British Doctors In Illegal Mercy Killings, Claims Retired Gp

UK Doctors and Nurses to Face Jail for Negligence

He told the Mirror : ‘I will look into the instances and into whether the law has been broken, and whether the law has been followed in an appropriate way.’ Pensioner admits murdering her terminally ill 82-year-old husband of 50 years who had leukaemia… as part of suicide pact Dr Irwin is a euthanasia campaigner who says he’s helped a number of people died at Switzerland’s Dignitas clinic, activities which have earned him the sobriquet Dr Death. He has been investigated in the past over assisted suicide an offence carrying a 14-year jail sentence but has never been arrested. Assisted suicide is where doctors help patients prepare to take their own lives, while euthanasia is where doctors deliberately take the lives of patients after being given permission. Dr Irwin told the Mirror last night that he was not worried his comments would lead to a police investigation. ‘If the police ask me who the paediatricians are, I’ll say ‘Sorry, chum, I can’t tell you’,’ he said. Anti-euthanasia campaigners demanded an investigation into the claims. Building of the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic, near Zurich: Assisted suicide is where doctors help patients to take their own lives, while euthanasia is where doctors take the lives of patients after being given permission Dr Peter Saunders, of the Care Not Killing Alliance, told the Mirror: ‘There may be nothing in this. But if a doctor has intentionally taken the life of a child in the UK, then that is murder because euthanasia is illegal under British law.’ Dr Irwin’s comments came as the news that Belgium had extended euthanasia to children was met with revulsion across the world, but only minor ripples of dissent among Belgians. ‘Belgium has allowed the killing on demand of terminally ill children and has headed for the ethical abyss. A state which allows something like this is a failing state,’ the conservative German daily Die Welt screamed in a column.

your domain name http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2560014/Terminally-sick-children-secretly-given-deadly-overdoses-British-doctors-illegal-mercy-killings-claims-retired-GP.html

Interview: Emma Campbell-Jones on The Night of the Doctor


The law is to be discussed by Department of Health officials in the coming months, and may be put to public consultation. It is believed to be modelled on a law introduced under the 2005 Mental Capacity Act, under which negligent care workers can be punished with up to five years in jail. Medical unions and organisations have attacked the law, claiming it could create a climate of fear under which professional negligence would be less likely to be reported by colleagues. They called for staffing levels to be boosted in line with another of Professor Berwick’s recommendations. Dr Andrew Collier, co-chairman of the BMA’s junior doctors’ committee, told the BBC that doctors “don’t need this new climate of fear. They don’t need to be concerned that they may be sent to jail. What they need to do is learn from their mistakes and develop their practice.” Peter Carter, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said a law change on its own was “not a panacea”. He said that legally enforcing staffing levels would be a more effective way of improving standards, as recent cases in Australia and California showed. The Guardian reports that while front-line care staff have been successfully prosecuted under the 2005 law, senior managers and social care organisations had not. Shortly after Berwick’s report, Dr Mark Porter, chair of council at the British Medical Association, called for authorities to “encourage openness” and support whistleblowers. “There is an answer to this, and that is to act against the bully, not the bullied.

sell more http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/five-years-jail-doctors-nhs-mid-staffordshire-522724

Building of the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic, near Zurich: Assisted suicide is where doctors help patients to take their own lives, while euthanasia is where doctors take the lives of patients after being given permission

She spoke about hanging out with Sylv McCoy, filming The Night of the Doctor and working alongside the great Paul McGann. How did you get the part? And where were you when you were told? I was offered this part without having to audition, which was extremely flattering. Id only just auditioned for Andy Pryor for a part in An Adventure in Space and Time and I had also worked with the Executive Producer, Marcus Wilson, and the producer, Denise Paul on two episodes of Taggart and a previous episode of Doctor Who, as Dr Kent in The Wedding of River Song. It was such a pleasure to get to work with them again on something so special. Where was I when I got the news? I was getting ready to go out I dropped to sit on the side of the bath and remember seeing my face gleam with excitement in the mirror opposite. I felt privileged to have been entrusted with a part who had such a pivotal role in Doctor Who folklore and, of course, to get to work with Paul and play a part inthe Eighth Doctors regeneration although I do keep getting called Doctor Killer, even by the Seventh Doctor, my dear friend, youngSylvester McCoy! What was it like participating in such a momentous if short minisode? Deeply thrilling. I mean, its not often I get a chance to pilot a gunship through space and dodge explosions with Paul McGann grasping my hand.

here are things http://www.doctorwhotv.co.uk/interview-emma-campbell-jones-on-the-night-of-the-doctor-60959.htm


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