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Atlanta-based Endochoice Approved To Market Full-spectrum Endoscopy System In Canada

The Fuse endoscopy system is comprised of colonoscopes and gastroscopes with multiple imagers enabling doctors to see more of the GI tract for diagnosis and treatment. Standard, forward-viewing endoscopy systems have a single imager so clinicians are switching to the Fuse system in an effort to improve the quality of their procedures. The Health Canada […]

Access 350 Medical Specialists From The Uae

NASA Specialist Experiences Medical Mistakes Health insurance providers may opt for the Sure Health Plan, which willgive themaccess to 350 teams of experts around the world. In a two-year period, a dedicated team travelled around the world to make up the pool of experts. “We based our selection on scientific ethics only. These are what […]

Detroit Health News Examiner

Tool to compare health plans tested with consumers February 21, 2014 Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition where the intestinal lining allows toxins, undigested food particles and even biological germs to become absorbed from the gut into the blood stream. This will trigger immune function reactions in the body that… Vitamins’ Usefulness January 2, 2014 […]

Australian Gps Told To Shake Up Colorectal Cancer Referral System

Crohn’s Disease – Professor Thomas Borody Of Australia Comes To New York To Discuss Significant New Findings David Goldsbury (Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney, Australia) and colleagues found that patients who consulted their GP between colonoscopy and surgery waited a median of 12 additional days for surgery over those who did not. They suggest […]

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Is As Canadian As The Mounties

Endoscopist specialty is associated with colonoscopy quality Crohn’s disease, which affects the large and small intestines, is even more common in Canada and affects about 234 per 100,000 people, with an incidence of 13.4 per 100,000 each year. By comparison, ulcerative colitis prevalence is 58 to 157 per 100,000 in Northern Europe and about 167 […]

Medical Specialists Still Needed In Northwestern Ont.

Stewart Kennedy, executive vice-president of academic and medical affairs at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, says northwestern Ontario is finally gaining much-needed medical specialists. (Nicole Ireland/CBC) “Sometimes [specialists are] unable to find a position in a locality that they want,” Kennedy said. “So I think we really have to look at the distribution of […]