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Tool to compare health plans tested with consumers

February 21, 2014 Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition where the intestinal lining allows toxins, undigested food particles and even biological germs to become absorbed from the gut into the blood stream. This will trigger immune function reactions in the body that… Vitamins’ Usefulness January 2, 2014 After the most recent national news story regarding the effectiveness of taking vitamin supplements, I felt a little enraged. I would like to clear up some facts with regard to that story to anyone who has ever questioned this… Flu Shot – Should You Really Get One? October 26, 2013 This article was edited from Dr. David Brownstein who is a holistic M.D. in Michigan and an expert in areas of natural health and environmental/food toxins, as well as internal medicine.The CDC just released its latest numbers… Hungry At Bedtime? How to Eat While Watching Your Weight May 16, 2013 Are you one of those people who are trying to stay in control of calorie intake or are health conscious- and then find you get hungry before bed when you know you shouldnt be eating? This is… Simple Rules For Healthy Eating January 14, 2013 I am so discouraged with all of the recent information in natural health circles regarding the truth of organics and how our American food industry is tricking us into thinking that their brand is &ldquo… Boost Your Immune System During Cold/Flu Season November 8, 2012 Olive Leaf Extract is my favorite immune system booster. Why? Because its safe, effective and a wonderful alternative to having to take an antibiotic. Olive leaf extract comes in capsule and liquid tincture forms.&nbsp… Help for Overeating and Cravings September 21, 2012 The experts say to identify triggers–Keep a food log for a week, record your moods, think about what stresses you out, and how hungry you feel before eating.Wow! It may seem time consuming, but if you are… Apple Cider Vinegar Can Do All This….

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For instance, the federal website that serves Illinois and 35 other states has no central directory to easily show which plans include which doctors in their networks. What’s more, it’s nearly impossible to compare the out-of-pocket costs of different policies. Picking the wrong plan could mean paying extra in some cases, up to thousands of dollars a year more. A nonprofit group is offering a free online tool that provides more information, with the goal of turning the new insurance exchanges into truly functional competitive markets. uses actuarial data to estimate total annual costs for each plan tailored to a consumer’s profile. It offers a doctor directory so people can see immediately which plans include their favorite doctors in their network. And it includes a five-star scoring system based on an independent group’s quality ratings of health plans. So far, it’s being tested only in Illinois, but the software may someday be used to improve the official exchanges run by states and the federal government. As envisioned, the exchanges were supposed to help keep health care costs in check as insurers competed for the business of informed customers. But the government sites aren’t giving consumers the data they need to make the best choices, said Robert Krughoff, president of Consumers’ Checkbook, the nonprofit group that developed the tool and would like to persuade governments to use its features. “It’s much too complicated for people and they end up with the wrong answers,” Krughoff said. Consumers’ Checkbook has a track record: More than 50 federal agencies subscribe to the group’s online guide for employees choosing health plans available to them. John and Alfiya Lambert recently used the new tool to choose a health plan in Illinois.

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