Access 350 Medical Specialists From The Uae

NASA Specialist Experiences Medical Mistakes

Health insurance providers may opt for the Sure Health Plan, which willgive themaccess to 350 teams of experts around the world. In a two-year period, a dedicated team travelled around the world to make up the pool of experts. “We based our selection on scientific ethics only. These are what we believe are the very best of the best,” said Jerome Droesch, CEO of Axa Gulf. “When a customer is suffering from a severe disease, he or she may want to receive a second opinion on what the best treatment would be. Depending on the condition, our team will then select the specialist that would best be able to provide that opinion, and provide it to the customer,” he explains. As a step further and if the situation so requires, the team also offers assistance to the customers in booking an appointment with the specialists for a face-to-face review of the medical condition. “The experts will provide the necessary advice as per the medical condition and his/ her diagnosis but the further course of action is dependent on the patient as well as the treating doctor,” he adds. Similarly, if the customer is not suffering from a severe disease but is doubtful where to go for the best medical treatment, the team recommends the best local specialist, he explained. The new strategy extends the traditional role of health insurance provider from one handling claims to providing medical consultation. However, its an alleged dubious role as the selection of medical expertise has an influence on the premium the same company charges. Aware of the role change, Droesch explained: “The insurance company must ask itself is it a claims handler or a service provider? “Since our inception, we have always tailored our products and services in line with the requirements of our customers. We have seen a lot of instances in life when people with medical conditions do not know where to turn for help. Axa Sure Health is a sure-shot way to provide the necessary support to customers throughout the decision-making process be it access to medical experts globally; guidance and opinion on the medical condition; evaluation and recommendation on the treatment; and coordination as well as medical appointments with the experts. However, the launch of a new product also comes at a time when health insurance policies require revision in order to remain sustainable, he admits. “Access to healthcare has improved, which is great, but this also means more frequent insurance claims for the insurer.

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According to the study between 210,000, and 440,000 patients die each year from preventable harm suffered at the hospital, which leads to their death. Ask John T. James, a toxicologist at NASA. The news regarding the number of preventable accidents and deaths in hospitals has been grim in the past. The Institute of Medicine in 1999 reported over 90,000 per year due to hospital mistakes, and while there was heavy criticism of the report at the time, the report is viewed as accurate in light of other reports. A 2010, report from the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services found that improper hospital care was in some responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 Medicare patients. The numbers sound bad enough alone, but put in perceptive these numbers indicate that medical mistakes rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States. John T. James, who developed the new estimates is a toxicologist at NASAs space center in Houston. James, who runs Patient Safety America an advocacy organization has a personal connection to this cause. The NASA specialist lost his own 19-year-old son to what he deems was improper hospital care. This study unlike others attempted before is based on estimates from findings in four recent studies which identified adverse events or harm suffered by patients. The data was then screened using a method called the Global Trigger Tool which acted as a guide for reviewers in searching medical records. The tool searched for criteria such as error or injury and records the tool flagged during the first screening were then reviewed by a physician to determine the degree of the harm caused. Some in the medical community are calling for the studys numbers to be reviewed by other agencies, but James is standing his groups study. James has also stated in the media that his trigger tool doesnt pick up errors in which the patient didnt receive necessary treatment, and that some medical records are missing evidence which could indicate harm.

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