Health Watch: Go The Extra Mile – News – The Times – Herkimer, Ny

Health insurers to refund $2.6 million under new requirement

According to The Mayo Clinic, long periods of sitting can lead to a number of health concerns, including obesity and abnormal cholesterol levels, and also increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Burn calories – Your mile walk is not just to take in the scenery; you are burning calories with every step. A 156-pound person burns approximately 90 calories walking a mile at a moderate pace, according to a California State University study. Life Fitness Number to Know 10,000: The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. (A mile is equal to about 2,000 average steps.) Life Fitness Childrens Health A new online study, conducted by Wakefield Research among 400 U.S. teenagers ages 13 to 17, found that 76 percent of teens believe that with the legalization of marijuana, teenagers may be more likely to experiment with the drug. The study also found that 73 percent of teenagers believe having easier access to marijuana may accelerate teens in trying other drugs, and 61 percent says that teenagers who use marijuana are more likely to try heroin, a potentially fatal drug. Brandpoint Senior Health A new Gallup poll found that Americans aged 65 older had the highest satisfaction with how they look of any age group, with 66 percent saying they agreed or strongly agreed they always feel good about their physical appearance. Middle-aged Americans (those aged 35-64) had the lowest rating, with only 54 percent reporting feeling good about their appearance. Of those aged 18-34, 61 percent reported a positive response.
Health Watch: Go the extra mile – News – The Times – Herkimer, NY

The plans, and the amount of their refund, include: Time Insurance Co., part of Assurant Health: $1,166,817. Golden Rule Insurance Co., part UnitedHealth Group: $750,403. Compare Health Services Insurance Co., part of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin: $524,010. The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Co.: $143,738. The health insurance market in Wisconsin is considered one of the most competitive in the country and few of the state’s insurers were expected to have problems meeting the requirement. The refunds for 2013 were much larger in some states but affected fewer people. In Nebraska, for instance, refunds averaging $358 will be given for health plans covering 1,535 people and sold to individuals and families. Nationally, health insurers will refund $330 million for health plans sold last year, bringing the total refunds in the first three years to $1.9 billion. But the Department of Health and Human Services contends that consumers would have paid $8.4 billion more for health insurance from 2011 through 2013 if health insurers had continued to spend the same percentage of premiums on medical care before the new requirement.


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